“The Judges Have Spoken” article

"The Judges Have Spoken" article inside

My first article in the magazine came out this month.  I got to talk to the 3 wacky and amazingly creative chef judges cum mentors of Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition – Chef Ferns Aracama, Chef Rolando Laudico and Chef JP Anglo.

I met them in the Junior MasterChef studio (a hotel actually) and loved the look and the feel of the place.  The studio looked exactly like the Junior MasterChef in Australia (where the show originated) but it was designed cleverly incorporating Pinoy touches like the use of capiz, colored glass panels and lots of wood.  The sitting room boasts of old vintage mirrors reminiscent of the living rooms circa turn of the century but made modern with comfy sofas and hip art decor pieces.

The motley crew of children competing in the Junior MasterChef challenge came from all over the country. It is apparent that while the country is divided by so many islands, food is our national language.  Put food on the table and conversation stops. And after a brief interlude, the faint tinkling of spoons and forks and robust conversations begin again. For most, authentic and  thoughtfully prepared FOOD is a great cure for stress. Accompanied by loved ones, good friends and a glass of wine, life can’t get any sweeter.

Go on! Grab a copy and read about great food finds, new exciting restaurants and wonderful chefs! Happy reading 😉

FOOD Magazine (Nov 2011) issue is now available in bookstores all over the country.  Some articles can also be accessed at zinio.com


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