People who breathe and live good FOOD

Nana Ozaeta, Marilen Fontanilla, Adolf Aran and I recently met –  the one and only Amy Besa (owner of the amazing Purple Yan restaurant in New York). Amy is the author of Memories of Philippine Kitchens (a must read!) and key mover and stalwart of the Sariling Atin (Our Own) campaign. We welcomed her back home, to what else – a dinner at the newest foodie place along Yakal St in Makati City – VILLA CAFE.  Co-owned and personally managed by Chef Sau del Rosario.

Marilen, who’s been to Villa selected our food – which turned out to be superb!

Suam na Mais with prawns and crab meat
Boneless Crispy Pata in Kare Kare sauce and veggies
Rellenong Dagupan Bangus with dipping sauce

I am no food photographer as evidenced by these photos but nothing brings back the memory of good food than seeing the dishes again.  Ninanamnam pa rin sa isip kahit ubos na (still savoring it in my mind after it’s long gone).  The Baked Susu appetizer escaped my camera as we immediately consumed it when it came to the table! It was that good.

Conversations with Amy – always engaging and interesting – takes me to a virtual walk around the Philippines and our amazing food selections.  Her stories about the New Yorker’s reaction to our adobo never fails to make me thankful that I can eat as much variety of it anytime and anywhere!  Her restaurant Purple Yam (Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, NY)  has been rated favorably and featured in various publications like NY Times and IS to be the place to be for authentic and original Filipino food.

Nana and Marilen, both EIC of FOOD and F&B World magazines respectively, are such joys to be with.  Adolf couldn’t be happier with his Crispy Pata Ü

Life is good when you’re surrounded with good food and even better when you share it with people you love and respect.


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  1. It all looks and sounds so exotic. Great post!

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