Bead-ing Day

Today I felt a strong urge to create something with my hands. I knew it is not to write in my journal or work on my articles – but to have something tangible that I can hold and make me smile. Unsure of what it was, I moved to hunt my beading box which I found stored inside our spare room cabinet – long forgotten and dusty.

Opening the box brought back memories of working side by side with my little niece, Shelby, both of us concentrating on finishing a bracelet for her and a ring for me.  Immediately after opening, I reconnected with my colorful, fun and happy beads. Now it is time to get the strings, earring frames, thin wires, pliers and everything else I need to get some work done.

After some time here are some of my handiwork ü


Moroccan Style Earrings


Butterfly and Dragonfly Keychains


Beaded Keychains


Bead work is so relaxing and fun.  The variety of beads is endless, the colors amazing and the end product? anything your heart desires.  Even my little boy made his own bracelet this afternoon! 

I think I’ll be making a trip soon to my favorite bead dealer – got to get some new accent pieces and chains and earring frames and …..

Until the next Beading frenzy! Find your Bliss everyone 😉



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