Happy Anniversary Chef’s Table!

Last month, I celebrated with Chef Bruce Lim (and his wife Michelle), the 1st year anniversary of their restaurant CHEF’S TABLE (Fort Bonifacio, Manila) – and it was a gastronomic delight!

The open kitchen churned out drinks that both teased and whet my appetite.  NCR -No One Can Run (lambanog/coconut wine with hot chili pepper and a dash of olive oil) is one spicy, strong drink that brought tears to my eyes as it burned my tongue.  As the drinks flowed, so did the spectacular cocktail selection – out came salmon slices, prawn satays, salads, mini beefsteak served on a bed of sticky rice (Bistek Tagalog)…..and the list went on and on…until Burp! my tummy – happy and truly content – refused to accept anymore.

Chef Bruce, the brand ambassador of Lee Kum Kee for Asia, delighted his guests with Filipino food with flamboyant twists to make it an entirely delectable dish…the foodie/gourmand guests were extremely pleased.  He is a welcome addition to the ever growing list of successful Filipino Chefs.

I am coming back…with friends and family to toast, enjoy and celebrate the wonderful Pinoy dishes handcrafted by Chef Bruce.

Kian, Michelle's mom, Chef Bruce, Michelle, Adolf, me and Jamie

P. S. Just last week, Chef Bruce just released his book – A Day In A Chef’s Life. Go check it out 😉


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