Salo-Salo at BenCab Museum

As I bid summer goodbye, I decided to visit one of the major attractions in Baguio, the BenCab museum.  Benedicto Reyes Cabrera – more popularly known as BenCab,  is considered as the most popular master of contemporary Philippine art.  An esteemed National Artist for Visual Arts, he has won various major art awards and has exhibited in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Philippines. Baguio is his home.

The museum is easy to find.  It is situated on Asin road (asin also means salt in Tagalog)  and the building is made of concrete and glass amidst houses and small woodcraft stores. Inside, the lobby is spacious, clean and looks very modern. Huge art works are hanged on the wall facing the entrance  as if greeting the visitors.

Lobby artwork
Lobby artwork

Inside, we were able to catch an exhibit entitled Salo-Salo (referring to a collection of various guest artists work : painting to wood carving to photographs. The word also means a feast or celebration).

Below are some of the fascinating works of art featured in the exhibition

Araceli Dans
Araceli Dans with her delicate embroidery / lace incorporated in the painting
Manolito Baldemor
Manolito Baldemor’s work is not painted but made of wood carvings
Jasmine Young
J. Young featured her dreamy ballerina series



The museum has 3 levels after the entrance floor.  Level 2 features the BenCab gallery (all his works), Cordillera gallery, Print gallery and Bulol Installation. It is amazing to have both indigenous artifacts mixed with other art expressions making all the entries larger than life.

Sabel in motion by BenCab

Level 3 features the Phil. Contemporary Art Gallery I & II and the Maestro Gallery.



At the Farm and Garden level, we found a charming Cafe Sabel, a pond (the white ducks made my son very happy) and small cabanas.


Wall of exhibit posters
Wall of exhibit posters



At the Cafe, I spied on the master himself chatting with some friends. He’s not touring! Starstruck but quick to realize a chance for a souvenir photo, I introduced myself and asked him to pose with me! A summer to remember! Thank you BenCab!

With the famous BenCab himself

The BenCab museum is open Tuesdays-Sundays, 9am-6pm (except for major holidays). Entrance fee is P100 per person. Check out for more details.












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