Craft Cookie after my heart

Scout's Honor Neon

There’s a new kid in town! He’s different, he wears a uniform and he gives out the best cookies that you alone could make – and he made me swoon. Meet Scout’s Honor (Craft Cookie Shop), the brainchild of game changer Chef Miko Aspiras. Simply put, this shop is a make your own cookie bar! Cool huh?

The concept is innovative and creative. It is riding high in the city’s fascination with anything craft, artisanal and handmade. We’ve been entertained with make your own pizza & burger, craft beer and mix-ins soy drinks that it is quite a relief then, to finally walk up a store and just let whatever you fancy be made into the cookie after your heart. Am in heaven!

Okay, so you first choose from the 6 “mother dough” flavors available (basic chewy cookie, double chocolate fudge, molasses oatmeal cookie, vegan cookie, peanut butter cookie (sugar-free) and herbed shortbread cookie).


Then choose from 19 (oh yes!) different toppings ranging from the usual suspects (chocolate chunks, raisins, marshmallows and hazelnut) to some crazy ones (candied bacon & ham, cheese – gruyere, gouda and cheddar, pastillas and even peanut brittle). You can choose 2-3 toppings. After the toppings, choose between peanut butter or Nutella to swirl your cookie.


Decide if you want a chewy one or a crunchy cookie and your mix is then put in the oven to bake. After 8-10 minutes, it’s done! Hot, wonderfully smelling cookies made just for you!

Double fudge choc
Double chocolate fudge with big fat marshmallows, dried mangoes and swirled with Nutella sauce

Peanut Butter

Basic chewy dough with choc chunks, peanut brittle and peanut butter swirl

And to go with your warm cookie – milk! You can ask them to warm it up or jazz it up with some flavors – malt, oreo, cherry choc, strawberry, corn, etc. You have 12  flavors to choose from!


Lastly, if you’re feeling not in the DIY mode, Chef Miko prepared 7 Luxury cookies to choose from : Cookie Inception, Thin Mints, Matcha Sesame, Cereal Cookie Bar, Samoas Dream (oh this is very good!), Citrus Sunshine and S’mores Tag-Alongs.

Whatever! If warm, chewy cookies make your heart pitter-patter (like mine), then head off to Scout’s Honor (Hole In The Wall, Century Mall, Makati City)

Cooies 2


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