“I want this!” “I want that”

Parenting is not much easier these days. We are bombarded with so many advertisements /messages everyday that seem to brainwash us into thinking that our life is not as well-lived as we want it to be without this newest car model or gadget or a pair of these blush colored sneakers or this super new lipstick and blush combo. But, do we really need all these things?

Living simply or choosing to live simply, however, is becoming a trend that started with a best selling book on de-cluttering and choosing to live only with things that bring us joy. Hopefully, this trend will stay strong so as to instill even in our children’s mind that material things will not, can not and do not bring true joy and fulfillment.

Wrote an article on this in Working Mom, a local parenting magazine.


Thank you to my beautiful sisters-in-Christ for generously sharing with me their parenting tips.


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