Unusual ice cream flavors!

Summer and ice cream are perfect partners! When the sun is just too much to bear,  the ice cream man becomes the neighborhood’s best friend and life-saver.

But when mamang sorbetero is nowhere to be found and the call of the freshly-made artisanal ice cream proves to be very persistent and irresistible, a trip to the ice cream parlor is inevitable. Yes, resistance is futile.

One ice cream parlor that stands out from the rest, and my favorite go-to place, is the Ice N Cream Scooping counter inside Novotel Manila Araneta Center.  The flavors are different, varied (not the usual plain chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, ube, etc) and oh-so-whimsically named. Reading them is guaranteed to make one smile.

So, how about a scoop of Smell Me, Taste Me, Durian ice cream?  It Match-a been Love to make you smile? They also have Kirsch Me – black forest ice cream rippled with brandy and even Papa Don Preach – rum raisin with a hint of Don Papa Rum. He’s not Worth it is perfect for those all out indulgence of chocoholics and Oh,Honey, Honey, a sugar-free (therefore less guilt) honey and calamansi ice cream that can smoothen out any stressful day.

The best part is, they are not really expensive.  A big scoop costs P100/135 and toppings at P25 each.  The toppings selection is equally indulgent :  mini macaron shell, red velvet crumble, churros, chocolate mint chips, whisky caramel sauce, giandujas chocolate & rum dip, eggnog, kiwi orange, etc.

Ice N Cream by Novotel also offers Carmen’s Best Ice cream, breads, whole cakes, cookies, tarts,  pate choux (eclairs and profiteroles) and macarons.  A perfect summer hide-out!

Camp Aran hiding from the summer heat with good friend, Marilen Fontanilla.




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