Unboxing of Misso s2o machine

Last month, a friend invited me to attend a preview of this new oil extracting machine that will allow me to make my oils. Intrigued, I came to the preview and met the Korean inventor of the machine, Mr. YS Kim. He was so excited to show us his latest invention, the Misso s2o, seed-to-oil wonder extractor.

The Misso s2o is a compact and table-top, seed-to-oil extractor machine. It can extract oil from small seeds like Sesame, Flaxseed, Chia, Red Pepper, Evening Primrose, etc. The benefit is 100% oil with no preservatives, no additives or chemicals.

As I cook Asian dishes most of the time, extracting my own sesame oil seems to be a good idea.  I am even more impressed when I learned of all the health and beauty benefits of the oils that the machine can produce. Flaxseeds and Chia seeds are a good source of Omega-3, which is good for boosting brain functions. Chia is also a “super moisturizer” – imagine using freshly extracted chia seed oil as part of your daily beauty routine!

But first, lets look at what’s inside the box!

All are nicely packed and securely placed inside the box.

The main body of Misso s2o

And finally, here is what the machine looks like when it is ready for use.

Complete and ready to go

The big funnel shaped dome is where the seeds are placed and the transparent square containers catches the oil.

The box comes with a manual that lists the seeds that can be used by Misso s2o


There it is! The new Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor, Misso s2o.  Available in stores nationwide and retails at P16,900.  Oh! And each purchase comes with a starter kit to make first-time users like me less intimidated and well, armed and ready 🙂

19621126_10211027979868795_3653948115134795806_o (1)
Contains 3 types of seed packs empty bottles, info leaflet and bottle stickers

I am super excited to experiment and even blend or combine my own oils. I think Sesame Seed with Chili oil will make an awesome salad dressing!




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