Are you ready for a Mojito night?

Oh,  how I love weekends! Recently,  good friend, Ouie,  invited some friends and I to an all-you-can-drink Mojito night at The Lounge inside Hyatt City of Dreams.  What?  An unli mojito night?? This I gotta see!

So with a bit of coordination, Marilen (another good friend and co-writer at, Ouie and I decided to investigate and yes, check how much mojitos could we down in 3 hours.  Hmmm…

At The Lounge, we met Danessa, who gamely showed us how to make mojitos.

Aha! It is fairly simple as long as you have the ingredients. Danessa started with the mis en place (she prepared everything to be used in the making of the melon mojito). Next, she assembled the solid ingredients like slices of lime, melon and fresh mint leaves inside the highball. She then added the light rum and sugar, muddled it to crush all the solids and mix up the drink. Lastly, she added shaved ice, poured the club soda and then topped the drink with thinner melon slices. She popped in the clear stirrer and viola! Melon Mojito!

Melon Mojito

After the quick demo,  Marilen and I decided to make it easy for us and sample all the 5 flavors in one go. Unfortunately, they have no mango, so we had to contend with just the 4 flavors :  Classic, Strawberry, Melon and Pineapple.

We also ordered the 3 specially crafted, sustainable seafood pica-pica dishes : Sustainable Mahi-Mahi Sliders, Selva Tiger Prawns Spring Rolls (No, nary a bit of regret to confess, we ordered 2 of this delicious pica-pica. Yum!) and Line Caught Tuna Sisig (the umami flavor of the tuna surprised us.  This is also a winner).

Oh, we had a fun time “investigating” the drinks (although, I did asked for one of my mojito drinks with half serving of sugar – to ease my guilty conscience). Marilen (our group’s resident wine and drink expert), did research on using simple syrup instead of sugar.

Our verdict? Marilen preferred  the Pineapple as the tartness really blended well with the rum and mint. My choice was Strawberry. It looked very pretty and the strawberry rounded off the flavor of the drink. We both had 3 glasses each (2 glasses short of our target 5).  We blamed our long discussion on this coming food tour and the entertaining company of Ouie and Chana. Hahaha!

The 3-Hour Mojito at The Lounge is available at Php988 net. The pica-pica is priced separately.  Hyatt City of Dreams is located at Belle Avenue, Entertainment City, Manila.




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