Keto Diet or just plain mindful eating?

I have never been on a serious diet. The last one I tried was the Fit for Life program (authors : Harvey and Marilyn Diamond) by just following the basic eating principles prescribed in the book. I was then 105 lbs but wanting to make my digestion more effective and to provide me more energy throughout the day. That commitment lasted for around 2 months and then I was back to my normal eating habits.

Recently, good friend and confidant, Chef Waya Araos-Wijangco introduced me to the concept of Ketogenic diet (it is best to point out that I am now 120lbs – much to my chagrin and frustration). She shared her research findings with the clear purpose of putting herself back in shape and to let her “cheekbones out again.”  After a month, she has lost 10lbs, she can now fit into her old clothes and has more energy (contrary to being sluggish and sleepy prior her keto diet).

So what is a Ketogenic Diet?  Simply put, it is a Low-Carb diet.  This is similar to Atkins, LCHF (Low-carb, High Fat) and other low-carb diets.  As I am a heavy rice, bread and pasta eater and a confessed desserts addict, it says that my body is using these food items to turn into glucose and insulin.  Glucose is converted quickly into energy while insulin is used to process the glucose. In the meantime, the fats & protein I eat gets stored  – and to become my love handles and thunder thighs 😥

The Keto diet then do not allow any intake of grains (rice, wheat, corn, etc), sugar (not even honey!), fruits and tubers.  Instead, practitioners are encouraged to eat meats, fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds, avocado and berries (the only fruits allowed), high fat dairy (hard cheeses, butter, high fat creams, etc) and sugars like stevia, monk fruit, etc.

Keto diet believes there should be 70% intake of fats, 25% protein and 5% carbs (may carbs pa rin naman).

Not ready to leave my love for carbs behind – not just yet, I decided instead to write down everything I eat per meal, including my snacks for 2 weeks. I installed an app that will count my caloric intake per meal and provide me a total per day.  This set allowed me to take an objective view of my eating habit. Turns out, I am a grazer. I do not eat a huge amount per meal but I eat often throughout the day –  and sure enough, I do consume a lot of carbs and sweets.

My goal is to move my weight back to 105lbs and to do this,  it is time to give me a dose of my own tough love and resolve to manage my carbs intake per meal/snack. I am not ready for the keto diet yet, but I am already practicing mindful eating.  I have also increased my water intake to curb my appetite (which sometimes doesn’t work – but keeps me hydrated), I have stopped myself from eating in between meals (goodbye, choco cookies and chips) and moved from white rice to brown (soon to be no rice at all).  I also intend to keep my food journal – I just love sweets and the journal will be my visual conscience!

How about you? What is your eating habit?





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