Papa Diddi’s is not just ice cream

Have you ever  been to Papa Diddi’s?  When they started out in Maginhawa St., the place could only seat around 8-10 people comfortably and offered select hand-crafted and artisanal ice cream. It started out as a tribute to Papa Diddi – an Ibanag lawyer, whose passion for law can only be matched by his love for Cagayan Valley  food.  And to celebrate the life of this wonderful man, siblings Malou Perez-Nievera and Paul Perez decided to  open Papa Diddi’s in 2015.

With so many local flavors not getting attention, Paul decided to play with unique flavors using Cagayan tsokolate,  Davao chocolates, Bicol sili, Basil, Rice, Coconut and Ginger. The playful ice cream combinations made me and my family, happy fans. Such a delight to be feasting on their ice creams!

Last time we went to Papa Diddi’s (now in Sapphire Block along Sapphire St., Ortigas Ave), we got acquainted with their Ibanag cuisine. And this is when we decided, hands-down, that Papa Diddi’s is one of our favorite, no-fuss, comfort restaurants.

Pagguk : Pagguk is an Ibanag word for Almusal or Breakfast

Batil Patung

Batil Patung :  Beef, homemade egg noodles, served with egg-soy broth and condiments composed of soy sauce, spicy vinegar and chopped raw onions

Sinanta Anna Pinakufu

Sinanta Anna Pinakufu :  Combination of glass noodles (sotanghon) and flat noodles with Cagayan river clams, chicken, shrimps with caramelized fried sticky glutinous rice.

Sinela Plates : Sinela is an Ibanag word for sinangag

Sinela Anna Tapa :  Beef Tapa slices in sweet soy and garlic serves with garlic-silantro sinangag, fried egg, pickled fruits and veggies in season.

Sinela Anna Tapa

Apart from serving artisanal, hand-crafted menu, Papa Diddi’s is not just a big supporter of local farmers  but also an ardent advocate of SCOOP – Support Communities Out Of Poverty. A business that gives.  How can anyone not support this restaurant?

Simply put, Papa Diddi’s food is hearty and full-flavored, their ice cream provides a happy ending to the meal and part of the money you spend goes back to the farmers and the communities they support. Kain na!

Author with Sigrid Perez and (at the back) Adolf Aran and Paul Perez



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