New menu to celebrate at Applebee’s

I do agree with Applebee’s when they say “There is always something to celebrate!” And it is a perfect excuse to gather ’round the table and feast! Not to be outdone, Applebee’s is just super ready to be the venue for any family or barkada’s (group of friends) eating spree.

Check out their new, not your regular, menu :

Start with Grilled Watermelon and Spicy Shrimp Salad : Farm fresh greens, diced cucumbers, feta cheese, and toasted almonds in a creamy mint yogurt dressing topped with spicy grilled shrimps and watermelon cubes.

Grilled Watermelon and Spicy Shrimp Salad

And after eating veggies (my mom insists I eat veggies first!) and I can dive into these delicious mains :

Triple Meat All-in Burger : A meaty combination of USDA Beef burger patty, double smoked bacon (winner!) & shredded beef brisket in honey BBQ sauce with sharp cheddar cheese in a toasted Brioche bun. Served with real, crispy fries on the side.


Triple Meat All-in Burger

Spinach Artichoke and Grilled Cavatappi :  Seasoned chicken breast strips and Cavatappi pasta sautéed in a spinach artichoke cream sauce topped with grilled grape tomato and fried spinach leaves.  Best to note that Cavatappi is the Italian word for corkscrew and it is a thick, hollow pasta. This dish alone is enough to make one’s tummy groan!

Spinach Artichoke and Grilled Chicken Cavatappi

And Applebee’s added local favorites to the menu! How about Pork Liempo Adobo (pork belly steaks drizzled with tasty soy-vinegar sauce, topped with crispy fried onions and served with brown garlic almond fried rice) and Grilled Chicken (juicy grilled Chicken served with Mexi-rice)?

And to end the meal in a sweet way, here are two of my favorite desserts : Banoffee Cheesecake – Looks like it is taking flight but its Toffee cheesecake on a coffee graham cracker crust glazed with Dulce de Leche & Hot Fudge sauces the topped with banana chips. Another one is S’mores Crème Brulee – Sugar glazed chocolate crème brulee sprinkled with banoffee crumble and toasted marshmallows.

Another favorite of mine is a glass of cold Engkanto Beer and Fried Sweet & Spicy Pickles tandem. A perfect after-work, de-stressing partner. Engkanto beer comes in Lager, Blonde, Pale, IPA and Double IPA.

Engkanto Beer with Fried Sweet & Spicy Pickles

And no, I didn’t finish all of the dishes I mentioned above. I shared it with these wonderful foodies.  It is really a good time for a celebration!

Front : Alu and co-writer/photographer Jeeves de Veyra  Back : Chef Ernst Gala, Management consultant Adolf Aran Jr., TV show host Mr. Sandy Daza, Applebee’s Marketing Mgr Bob Vallar and Engkanto’s President and brewmaster Ian Paradies

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