About Alu

I am a lot of things these days. 

I am a mom (and this takes a lot of time) and I am also the Editor-in-chief of http://www.dineph.com (an online foodservice business website powered by  COURAGE Asia), an Adjunct Faculty member of Enderun Colleges and a feature writer for several food and lifestyle magazines. On some days, I transform into an Editor for Ablaze Communications (the communication arm of Couples For Christ organization) or a Technical Director for Dine Philippines seminars and conferences

On my spare time I paint using big canvasses and acrylic.  I do hope I graduate to using oils in the future – that is – when I can rein in and hold on to my patience while waiting for it to dry.  My colors are bold, vibrant and alive.  I have a passion for big things and pretty little things like earrings and rings, colorful and artsy designed pens and paper. I am a colorful doodler. Am actually a lazy artist.

I love handmade and vintage pieces – hand embroidered dresses and blouses, jewelry hammered by a local artist, food prepared using grandma’s recipe book, capiz and colored glass windows and cabinets, well-preserved home decors..and I can just go on and on.  I think I am a very old soul.

WELCOME to my world of Bliss!





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